Information about Kemijärvi

Statistics and information about Kemijärvi

The town of Kemijärvi is the northernmost town in Finland and is located in the eastern part of the province of Lapland, mainly north of the Arctic Circle. The town centre is surrounded by Kemijärvi, Lake Pöyliöjärvi, Finland’s largest river Kemijoki and dozens of dune valleys, which give the town a spacious appearance.

The surface area of Lake Kemijärvi is 3 931.15 km², of which 426.78 km² is water.

Our town is a versatile centre of services and culture: a spa – swimming pool, cultural centre, music academy, 200 km of snowmobile trails, 80 km of marked water routes and five nearby fells (Pyhä, Luosto, Suomu, Salla and Ruka). The town is also known for its many events, which are organised by many companies, communities and a large number of active volunteers.

The city has a population of 7 029 (31.12.2023).

Structure of the economy: agriculture and forestry 6.5%, industry 11.5%, construction 5.1%, trade 10.1%, accommodation and food service activities 4.1%, transport and communication 5.7%, financial and insurance activities 1.2%, social and personal services 55.8%.

The city’s economic structure is relatively broad-based. In addition to a wide range of small businesses, the town has agriculture, forestry, reindeer husbandry and tourism.

Neighbouring municipalities: the City of Rovaniemi, Posio, Salla and Pelkosenniemi.

Map of the Kemijärvi area