Facilities Management enterprise

The business enterprise is responsible for the built real estate and premises owned or managed by the City of Kemijärvi, housing and real estate joint-stock companies, housing and real estate joint-stock companies, the development and marketing of its land and building assets, the construction, maintenance and rental of premises. It is also responsible for the city’s catering services.

The facilities services business enterprise provides facilities and food services mainly for the city organisation. The company has two separate functions: Facilities Services and Food Services.

The business enterprise is managed by a Managing Director together with an appointed Management Board. The Board of Directors is subordinate to the City Council and consists of seven members. The chairman and vice-chairman are elected by the City Council. Each member has a personal deputy. The members of the Management Board must have business and/or industry expertise. The administrative regulations of the City of Kemijärvi define the powers of both the Managing Director and the Board of Directors.

Its operations are based on services provided by its own staff as well as on purchased services and procurement.

Contact details of facilities management enterprise

Managing Director of the Business Entity
Esa Pöyliö
040 610 9738

Chairman of the Management Board
Anita Ruokamo
040 825 1667