Participatory budgeting

The participatory budgeting process

From idea to implementation

Kemijärvi City Council has approved the principles of participatory budgeting on 15.8.2022 § 85. Participatory budgeting means that the residents of the city can decide on the allocation of a certain amount of money in the budget.

The theme for 2024, decided by the City Council, is ” Kemijärvi for villages, families and the elderly“. The total budget available is EUR 20 000.

Citizens vote on the idea to be implemented
On the basis of the proposals received, the ideas are selected by a vote of the citizens and prepared for implementation together with the proposers and representatives of the city. The ideas selected for implementation are entered in the budget and their implementation is monitored in the same way as other activities and the use of appropriations in the budget.

Implementation in the budget year
The budget allocation and possible project grants will be used to implement the ideas and inform the citizens about them. Post-implementation evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the idea and possible need for further development.

Based on the feedback received, the City Council will assess the functioning of participatory budgeting when it discusses the framework for the following year and, if necessary, update the principles adopted by the Council in line with the principles of good governance and sound financial management.

For more information, please contact:

Juhani Tapio, Chairman of the City Council, tel.0400 698 408,

Tuula Kuvaja, Director of Finance and Development, tel. 040 730 0236,