Board of Auditors

The Board of Inspectors is a statutory board (§121 of the Municipal Act). The Board of Audit is a body appointed by the City Council to audit and evaluate the administrative and financial management of the municipality. Its tasks include preparing matters for the council concerning administrative and financial audit, assessing the achievement of the municipality’s and the group’s objectives, monitoring the declaration of affiliations and drawing up an annual evaluation report. It also reports on the results of the evaluation and submits proposals to the municipal council for the adoption of provisions in the administrative regulations. The City Council, for its part, gives its opinion to the Council of Ministers on the measures to be taken in the light of the evaluation report.

The Board of Control consists of five (5) members, of whom the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by the Council of Governors. The chairman and vice-chairman must be councillors. Each member shall have a personal deputy (Article 9 of the Administrative Regulation). Eligibility for election to the Board of Inspectors is laid down in Article 75 of the Municipal Act.

The Audit Committee meets monthly. The minutes are publicly available on the website of the City of Kemijärvi on the day following the meeting.

Members of the Audit Board 2021-2025

Sirviö Antti
Deputy member: Koskenranta Pentti
Jorma Vaarala
Alternate member: Kilpeläinen Auvo
Member, Pikkuvirta Sirkka
Alternate member: Vermas Maija-Leena
Member, Tikkanen Jani
Alternate member: Mulari Tauno
Member, Wiik Jaana
Alternate member: Kumpula Aili

Keeper of the minutes
Merja Maijala
Hallituskatu 4, 98100 Kemijärvi
+358(0)40 834 3849