City Council

Kemijärvi City Council

The City Council is elected every four years in municipal elections.
The City Council has 27 members.
The current term of office is 2021-2025.

Meetings of the Council are public unless the meeting is dealing with a matter or document which is by law confidential.
As a rule, the Council meets at the City Hall in the Council Chamber, Hallituskatu 4.

Agendas and minutes are published on the internet

The agenda is published on the same day as it is posted to councillors. The agenda is also published in the local newspaper and on the official notice board of the town in the Sortteer Service Point and on the electronic notice board.

According to the Municipalities Act, the City Council is responsible for the municipality’s operations and finances and exercises the municipality’s decision-making powers.

The council decides:

  • on the municipal strategy
  • from the administrative regulation
  • the budget and the financial plan
  • corporate governance principles and group guidelines
  • the operational and financial objectives to be set for the enterprise;
  • on the principles of asset management and investment
  • the principles of internal control and risk management
  • the general criteria for charges for services and other benefits
  • the provision of a guarantee or other security for the debt of another.
  • the election of members of the institutions, unless otherwise provided below
  • on the basis of which the financial entitlements of members of the public are determined
  • on the election of auditors
  • approving the financial statements and granting discharge
  • other matters laid down and determined by the Council.

Members of the City Council 2021-2025:

Savukoski Riitta, Coalition Party
040 777 7359
1st Vice-Chair
Kelloniemi Juhana, True Finns
044 284 4475
2nd Vice-Chair
Niemelä Veikko, Centre Party
Aalto Pirkka, KD
040 557 5346
Paula Alatalo, True Finns
Markku Harju, SDP
0400 396 289
Matti Hietanen, True Finns
Honkanen Senni, SDP
040 580 4718
Imporanta Aulikki, Future Kemijärvi Community list
Kerkelä Teija, Centre Party
Kortelainen Jukka, Coalition Party
0400 712 811
Kotilaine Jarkko, Left Alliance
040 556 9720
Nivala Heikki, Centre Party
040 542 5353
Ojala Kirsti, Left Alliance
050 359 1129
Majava Ahti, Future Kemijärvi Community list
Pikkarainen Juha, Left Alliance
040 358 2656
Ruokamo Anita, Centre Party
040 825 1667
Hannaliisa Sutinen, Future Kemijärvi Community List
Kari Räisänen, SDP
Severinkangas Asko, Centre Party
Torvinen Arto, Future Kemijärvi Community list
Tapio Juhani, Centre Party
0400 698 408
Välikangas Sanna, Centre Party
Matti Torvinen, from the Future Kemijärvi community
0400 822 872
Harri Väliranta, Coalition Party
040 546 7777
Vaarala Jorma, from the Future of Kemijärvi community
Members of Kemijärvi City Council 2021-2025