Pre-school education

An illustration of pre-school education.

Autumn semester 16.8.2023-20.12.2023, total 340 hours
Spring semester 8.1.2024-25.5.2024, total 360 hours

Holiday periods for pre-school education:
Autumn holidays 16.-22.10.2023
Christmas holiday 23.12.2023-7.1.2024
Skiing holiday 4-10.3.2024
Other holidays in pre-primary education:
Independence Day 6.12.2023
Easter 29.3.-1.4.2024
May Day 1.5.2024
Easter 9.5. + 10.5.2024 Easter Sunday 9.5. + 10.5.2024

You can apply for pre-primary education electronically via eApplication every year from 1 January to 31 March.

When you apply, the system will notify you if your application fails, but there will be no acknowledgement of a successful application. If the system reports an error, please contact the Early Childhood Education and Care Manager as soon as possible. Decisions on pre-school education and transport will be taken by the end of June. The decision will be notified by e-mail or post.

For more information on how to fill in the application form, fees, etc., see the application and fees page.

Preschool preschool printable enrolment form Delivered to the Early Childhood Education Office (Haavisto Heidi, Vapaudenkatu 8).

The pre-school transport application form must be submitted to the Head of Early Childhood Education and Care before the end of June so that decisions can be made before the beginning of August.

Notification of pre-school hours

Early Childhood Education and Care uses the eAccessibility website to report childcare hours. Booking childcare hours helps the carer to monitor the number of hours booked and the actual hours used.

Electronic notification of visiting hours

The nursery staff can see in their own system the hours booked by the carers and therefore know when each child is present. These times must be entered on the eAccessibility websiteby 12.00 on the Wednesday of the previous week.

Pre-school education

The starting point for pre-primary education is the child and his or her individual needs, abilities and interests.

Early childhood education and care, including pre-primary and primary education, form a coherent continuum for a child’s growth and learning and a basis for lifelong learning. The central task of pre-primary education is to promote the child’s conditions for growth, development and learning.

Pupil welfare is an important part of the basic activities of pre-school education, and it belongs to all pre-school pupils. Student welfare means the promotion and maintenance of good learning, good mental and physical health and social well-being of the child, as well as activities that enhance the conditions for these in the pre-school community.

A personal learning plan is drawn up for the child, in which the guardians, together with the child and the pre-school teacher, set goals for the child’s growth, development and learning.

Pre-school children also have access to curatorial services. The curator is Elina Simula, and tel. 040 705 8592. The curator services in pre-primary education are part of pre-primary education pupil welfare. The curator’s task is to help and support children and their families in pre-school education through social work.

In Kemijärvi, pre-school education is provided in the Jyvälänpuisto day care centre and the Särkelä day care centre:

Jyvälänpuisto day care centre
Värjärintie 4
98100 Kemijärvi
Tents Preschool teacher: 040 759 5764
Preschool teacher: 040 759 4610
(location on map)
Särkelä day care centre
Heikinkatu 8
98120 Kemijärvi
Preschool teacher: 040 725 1079
(location on map)

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