North-Eastern Lapland Music School

About the music school

Coats of arms of the municipalities of north-east Lapland

The North-East Lapland Music Institute is a music school run by the city of Kemijärvi. It organises music education in its area of operation in Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi, Salla and Savukoski. The aim of the education is to create skills for creative and versatile music making and performance and to prepare students for professional studies in the field. Learning is goal-oriented, progressing from one level of study to the next.

The college has received statutory state funding for its activities since 1987.

The Music School offers a wide range of opportunities for children and young people in the area to study and enjoy music. It is a prominent presence in the cultural life of the Eastern Lappish region.

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Music School, Hietaniemenkatu 3

Pelkosenniemi School, Sodankyläntie 2, 98500 Pelkosenniemi

School Centre, Kuusamontie 65, 98900 Salla

Korvatunturi School, Sauherrantie 23, 98800 Savukoski


  • Rector Terhi Heikkilä, piano, organ, music theory, tel. 040 576 2243
  • Office Secretary Tarja Kaisanlahti tel. 040 746 7966
  • The office is open Thurs and Fri from 8.30-11.00 and 11.30-15.30.
  • E-mails should be sent to firstname.surname(at)


Georgios Apostolakis, electric bass
and guitar, music technology, ensemble playing
Amanda Sitomaniemi
Külli Kudu, accordion,
ensemble playing, music figuration
Sofia Hakala, piano,
music figuration
Hanna Hellman
Anna Kekki
flute, saxophone, ensemble
Laura Heikkilä, piano,
musical figuration
Silja Sevonkari
vocals tel. 040-4839712
Mattia Basi
percussion, ensemble
Heidi Aalto, piano, music notation
Salla office, 040 826 8993
Senni Honkanen
Music Play School
Sara Inkinen
violin, string ensemble
Teachers at the Music School