Music school fees

Tuition fees for students € / semester from 1.8.2023, decision of the Tulevaisuuslautakunta 27.6.2023 § 70.

The Future Board decides on the fees to be charged to students at the Music School.

About tuition fees

A place is always reserved for the whole semester. Tuition fees are non-refundable for students who drop out during the semester.

The sibling discount is 25% for the second child, 50% for the third and
the following. The sibling discount applies to minors in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The sibling discount does not apply to group tuition, music and dance.


The autumn semester is billed in October and the spring semester in February. Payment arrangements should always be agreed with the office before invoicing. If there is any doubt about student fees, the office secretary or the headmaster should be contacted as soon as the invoice is received. Tuition fees must be paid on time.

A student who wishes to drop out in the middle of a semester will be charged the full tuition fee. In the case of interruption due to illness, removal or other serious reasons, the Rector may, on written application, grant a reduction in the tuition fees.

Tuition fee reduction application 2023-2024.pdf must be returned to the School of Music by 16.9.2023.


Music School fees with a 3% increasefrom 1.8.2023
Tuition fees per semester
Basic level197,00 €
Advanced studies197,00 €
Basic and advanced; minor 30´137,00 €
Choir, ensemble and other group teaching for non-majors 98,00 €
Caller rental/month45,00 €
Added lesson 15 min42,00 €
Music Camp School, 45 min no sister discount90,00 €
Baby massage 30 min60,00 €
Dance department, no sister discount
Dance school 45 min.99,00€
Dance school 60 min.111,00€
Dance school 75 min.124,00€
Private qualifications and certificates € / performance
Basic level performance135,00 €
Performance at university level170,00 €
Outside caller rental 20€/day, 100 €/month
Rental of premises, VAT 24 % added to the prices1.8.2023
Akola Hall, at an hourly rate up to 4 hours32,00€/tunti,154,00€/päivä
Dance/music school hall, up to 4 hours per hour29,00/hour, 114,00/day
Theory class , at an hourly rate of up to 4 hours29,00/hour, 114,00/day
Other classes, at an hourly rate of up to 4 hours16,00€/hour, 57,00€/day
Music school fees