Music School news

The Music School Spring Bulletin Spring Bulletin 2024.pdf contains information about the structure of studies, co-music and composition groups, tuition fees, the Eepos system and other current information about the academic year.

Through Eepos you can see your/your child’s study details and the latest news from the music school. You can also communicate directly with the teacher.

Through you can log in with your Eepos ID. The Eepos app is also available for mobile download.


Late enrolment for the 2024-2025 academic year in solo subjects, dance school and music play school is only possible electronically in the Eepos service between 1.4.-30.4.2024, using the forms available in the Eepos service.

Late registration is done with the Eepos IDs you have received. By completing the renewal form, you secure your place for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The parent or guardian of students under 18 years of age must complete an online late registration form.


Upcoming concerts, music evenings, performance training, listening education and other events, subject to change


  • Children’s concert Fri 15.3.2024, at 17.30 Akola Hall
  • Final concert of the Baroque Pearls project Sat 23.3.204, at 15.00 Culture Centre
  • Music Evening Tue 16.4.2024, at 18.30 Culture Centre
  • Spring concert of the Folk Music Ensemble Tue 7.5.2024, at 18.00 Akola Hall
  • Spring Concert Tue 28.5.2024, at 18.30, at 18.30 Culture Centre


  • Music Evening Thu 29.2.2024, at 18.00 Salla School Centre
  • Spring Concert Thu 23.5.2024, at 18.00 Salla School Centre


  • Spring Concert Mon 27.5.2024, at 18.30 Korvatunturi School


  • Music evening Wed 28.2.2024, at 18.30 Pelkosenniemi school