General information about the school agenda

Working days during the school year

The school year at Hillatie is divided into five periods (see table for times). The timetable for grades 7-9 changes each time a period changes. School days start from 8 to 10 am and end from 13 to 15 pm.

About absences

Permission must be requested for absences other than those due to illness. The class teacher or class teacher’s supervisor will authorise an absence of 1-5 days, the head teacher for a longer period. The school must also be informed of any sickness absence.

The application for absence is made in Wilma

You can request time off from school by submitting a Wilma absence request. The form is displayed in the top bar of the Applications and Decisions page. After clicking on the button, the link “Submit a new application” appears in the top right-hand corner of the Wilma page. This in turn opens a list of application forms available to the user. The form will be selected based on the length of absence you are requesting for your child. Once the form is completed, the information is saved.

The form does not work with the Wilma application, so you must usethe online form to request an absence .

The guardian will see the open application on their Wilma home page. Once the teacher/principal has made a decision, the parent or guardian will be removed from the pending application. The decision can be viewed under the “Applications and decisions” tab in the top bar of Wilma.

Early intervention in truancy – a policy model

The class teacher/class teacher is obliged to monitor the absences of his/her pupils and intervene if necessary. The school has an Early Support for Absenteeism policy (limit 40 hours in primary school, 50 hours in secondary school) approved by the Future Committee. You can read more about the early support model on the page on student support.