Plots for sale and rent

The City of Kemijärvi has invested in an ever-expanding supply of land for both companies and private developers. Residential plots are available in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. There are also plots in the outlying areas in village centres.

Video of the Suomu and Pyhä plots, in finnish.

Since 1985, the city has also diversified its holiday offer. The first plots for purely holiday homes were planned in the Suomu zoning area, and there are also plots for holiday homes in Pyhätunturi. In the coastal areas, there are holiday home plots in Ämmänniemi in the beautiful coastal landscape of Kemijärvi.

The reservation fee is 400,00 €/plot and the maximum reservation period is 3 months.

Interested in owning or renting a plot of land in Kemijärvi? Contact us at
For more information. 040 544 8015

Plots on the map You can see the locations of the plots on the Kemijärvi map service,