Environmental protection fees, charges and monitoring plan

According to the Environmental Protection Act, the supervisory authority must organise the monitoring of the regulations and provisions issued in such a way that it is of high quality, regular and effective and is based on an environmental risk assessment. Environmental Protection Act supervision is planned and paid for (Environmental Protection Act 527/2014).

To organise regular monitoring, the municipal environmental protection authority must draw up a monitoring plan for its area.

The statutory monitoring plan concerns the monitoring of the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act and the regulations issued under it. The monitoring plan must contain information on the environmental conditions in the area, the activities that pose a risk of pollution and the resources and means available for monitoring.

The plan must describe the criteria for the organisation of controls and risk assessment and the cooperation between the authorities responsible for controls. The control plan shall be reviewed regularly.

Environmental protection monitoring plan (pdf) (Meeting of 12.6.2023 § 53)

Tariffs for environmental protection (pdf) (Meeting of 24.1.2024 § 7)

Principles for handling guarantees (pdf) (Meeting of 10.2.2023 § 22)

Land and soil tax (pdf) (24.1.2024 § 7)

Information on energy production units published on the public information network

In accordance with Section 106e of the Environmental Protection Act (527/2014) and Section 21 of the Government Decree on the environmental protection requirements for medium-sized energy production units and installations (1065/2017), the environmental protection authority must publish the information on energy production units in the public information network. The information in the table was updated on 2.3.2022.

Energy production units (pdf)