Fishing information for residents

Illustration of fishermen in Kemijärvi
Illustration of fishing on a river

Lake Kemijärvi is well suited for casting and float fishing. The best fishing season for casting and trolling is June-September. Fish species include the Northern Hemisphere’s only native pike, pike of varying size, giant perch and free-born trout from Yli-Kemi, which prey on the lake’s strong stock of vendace.

You can buy a fishing permit from the online shop for fishing permits at Once you know the name of the fishing area, you can use the online shop to select a permit by area name, by searching for the area using a keyword or by using a map to select the area.

Fishing with gear such as gillnets, catnets or multiple rods requires a permit from the owner of the water area. For more information on fishing, contact the co-op chairmen or fishing licence outlets.

All fishing and landing sites in Kemijärvi are accessible by boat using the marked channels.