Housing health in public spaces

Housing health refers to the health conditions of housing, day care and school facilities, educational institutions, services for the elderly and disabled and other similar public spaces.

If there is reason to suspect that there is damp or mould damage or other health hazards (noise, vibration, abnormal odours, microbes, dust, smoke, excessive heat, cold or humidity or similar, and radiation (radon)) in such a space, the property owner, i.e. the property manager or landlord, should be contacted in the first instance.

The responsibility for the maintenance and repair of buildings and for identifying the causes of damage lies with the property owner. If necessary, you can also contact the health inspectorate.

The lack of cleanliness in dwellings or public areas is also covered by the health of housing.

Housing health You can read the guidelines on the application of the Housing Health Regulations on the Valvira website https://valvira.fi/healthprotection/housinghealth