The Luusua area is located on the southern shore of Lake Kemijärvi. The word Luusua means the neck of the river, the place where the lake turns into a river. The area is home to the scenic villages of Luusua, Juujärvi and Raajärvi.

The village of Luusua in Kemijärvi has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Artifacts found in Stone and Iron Age settlements at Neitiharju indicate that the area has been inhabited for about 5000 years before the beginning of the present. The numerous layers of the settlements, as well as the “iron smelters” found, prove that prehistoric settlement continued until the Iron Age, from about 1100 to 1200. Later, when the Lappans lived in the same fields and the first Lantan inhabitant moved to Luusuansaari in 1654, it can be said that the village of Luusua has a rare continuous village history of about 7000 years.

The Luusua – Juujärvi Village Directory was completed on 11.4.2010. A year and a half of work had thus been completed. A lavish information package on the history of southern Kemijärvi was now available.

Luusua and the surrounding area offer a wide range of services. Businesses can be found in many sectors. From primary production to service professions.

Although the rationing dams of the 1960s changed the landscape, nature, with its dangers and waterways, is still a spectacular sight in the forests at any time of year. Berry picking, hunting, nature walks, fishing, you name it, you can do it.

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