Tapionniemi Winter Village Manor

Tapionniemi Village of the Year 2019

Tapionniemi is located on the Kemijoki River, Finland’s longest river. 25 km north of Kemijärvi on road 5. It forms the Ylikylä area together with Vuostimo and Oinaa. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of the Pyhätunturi National Park. Nature, hiking, fishing and berry picking are characteristic of the area and an important part of life in the area. The Tapionniemi village area includes, from the Kemijärvi direction, Luokka – Aapa, Kenttäperä, Mukkaperä, Keskikylä, Nivavaara and Kaakkurivaara.

Since 2000, the population of Tapionniemi has been decreasing, reaching around 130 by the end of 2020.

The active working population is employed elsewhere, and farming is no longer practised. The people of Tapionniemi now work in various sectors in Kemijärvi and in many other places around Finland.

The village still has a working parish chapel. Bus – car services still run well.

The Tapionniemi Village Association took over the former school in the summer of 2017, when the school was renamed Tapionniemi Village Manor.The Village Manor serves as an active centre for the village, providing space for hobbies, services, meetings and events.
Projects have included the construction of a picnic shelter in Airosvaara, a children’s playground and a geothermal heating system in the Village Manor.

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